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Friday, October 06, 2006

I've got flowers!

I'm feeling lucky right now, i can tell you, who wouldn't having just received these gorgeous flowers from an utterly gorgeous husband, i'm also brimming with pride at the moment as he went for an interveiw today and we think he got the job, this is such an achievement for a man who a couple of years ago thought that people were geniuinely out to kill him. You can't understand what it's like to have to go through something like that unless you have been there yourself. When you take into account that i was also very much in a bi-polar dip at the time then you might have some understanding of what life was like.

So a couple of years later, or around 4 to be exact we're moving onwards and upwards, he's going to be a postman, I'm starting my own photography business and we couldn't be happier to be still together after 7 years of marraige, thats the thing though we've always known that we were soulmates and that our love was kind of forever. I appreciate that every day, i never take it for granted and I still always try hard! you should have seen him in business wear earlier, I swear if I had ovaries they would have been summersaulting and there was something definetly hormonal going on!!

Today I celebrate life, I celebrate love and I celebrate flowers!


Anonymous said...

I loved my post lady life.. though it wasn't a full time job, or I would have stayed. I won't say congrats yet to your hubby.. can't count the chickens before they hatch eh! :=)


Fiona said...

Gorgeous flowers Mand - what a sweetie he is :D Well done to hubby for interviewing well, and fingers crossed it's all going to plan. xxx

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