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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The verdict1

Well after all the frenzied debate I think the general concensus of opinion on hubby was that his hair was good before and it's good afterwards, his head has now swelled to the size of a small eastern european country so thanks for that! I beleive he actually commented the he was quite exhausted by looking so good all the time, I tell you my hubby could quite possibly equal Narcissus on a good day! LOL

Actually the great thing about hubby is that for the most part he doesn't even see himself as attractive, isn't this always the way? The even more bizarre thing is that he thinks I'm some kind of super-model, you know when The evil queen puts a glass shard in Snow Whites dads eye so that he sees her as the most beautiful lady in the world, well i'm not saying thats what happened but there must have been some kind of accident along those lines! It's good though we all need a little self esteem boost from time to time!

Anyway enough of that, As some of you know we're off on our Holidays on Friday for a short break to Aberdeen to enjoy the splendid company of a great scrapping pal. I'm beyond excitement as are the children although ask them where they're going and Looby says grandmas, Iain says Jedburgh and Abigail thinks we're going to Aberdeen but that it's also going to be Christmas day!!

So i'm looking forward to the fresh air, the great food, the fun times but even more than that, i'm looking forward to climbing into the hot tub and my muscles relaxing for the first time in about 10 years, I fear I may never return!


Lana said...

love the new look

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy

Just popped in to see what you are all up to.

Also to say have a great break in Aberdeen, and lets see the photo's


jafabrit said...

mandy you have a way with words LOL! You have a WONDERDFUL holiday and I look forward to hearing about it.

By the way did you know about the vampire rabbit on the catherdral buildings in newcastle?

Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger said...

I certaintly did know about the vampire rabbit Jafa, the funny thing is i remember seeing it when drunk one night, it has to have been around 10 years ago and I remember going back to check I actually had seen it when i was sober!

jafabrit said...

ah mandy that is the secret, I should have been a wee bit drunk when I was hanging around there LOL! I never knew about it until I saw it on the internet before coming over in september.

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