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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jolly Holiday Research

Ooh I'm so excited, it's only 8 days till we go away for our first break in 3 whole years. I can't tell you how much having a break means to our family, we're definetly well overdue!

Anwyay we're going to Alford

Click on that link to be transported to a world of true beauty! you see Alford is near Aberdeen in the most beautiful and my personally favourite part of the world Scotland, maybe it's because my dad is scottish that I love it so much, I just know that whenever I go to scotland I never want to come home again!

So we're going to enjoy the hospitality of my great friend Jacqui, Jacqui is a lovely lady who loves crafty things as much as I do so there's bound to be no shortage of chatter. i can be a chatterbox anyway, I bet you didn't guess that!!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll have time to stop off in Fife-land for chocolate cake?? :o) Kxx

jafabrit said...

Oh I just love Craigievar Castle, I want one of those. alford looks really lovely. Hope you a great time and I look forward to seeing some pics.

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