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Thursday, October 19, 2006


We'll be off to enjoy the company of the lovely Jacqui and her gorgeous family. to say that i'm excited is an understatement! So who knows if I'll get a chance to blog again before Tuesday when I return. i'm taking my laptop so I can download all my photos at night as my memory cards only take about 500 photos altogether and I can use that in a day, also I have promised a wee photoshoot to her fabulous daughter so I figured I could get them all photoshopped and back onto a disk before I leave. I'm hoping to take some of her boys as well but boys being boys who knows if they're even going to let me.

The kids are beyond excitement as for them it's their first real holiday and even for Iain it's his first holiday in 3 years. I'm looking forward to the laughs and the company and I'm looking forward to long country walks and big scottish castles.

I may sneak on to the net come the evenings if Jacqui lets me borrow her wireless connection, so if there's no blogs, please don't desert and think that I've left you, I'll be back to regale you with stories and some scottish connections on Tuesday night or maybe wednesday morning depending on just how much those scottish people wear us out. We're stopping by Kirsteens in Fife on the way back and I just know she's going to send me over the edge, that little minx has a very silly side!!

The amazing part in all of this is though that without the internet I wouldn't even know these ladies, I've said it before and i'll say it again, the internet has changed my life and I don't care who knows it!

one final note, any blogging burgalars should note that i have nothing of any value in my house and anything worth anything is coming with me!! if you do decide to visit could you tidy round please as the place will be a mess!

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Fiona said...

Have a fabulous time Mandy - and give Jacqui a big hug from me :D I haven't been to Scotland for years - Adam and I used to visit quite often before we had the girls but they're not great travellers. We only camp or visit family these days LOL! I look forward to all your fab photos - hope you come up with an entry for this month's photo comp!

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