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Monday, October 16, 2006

Spot the Difference, What do you think?

Hubby had his haircut today for the first time in ages so I'm asking can you spot the difference? Lol

Which one do you prefer? before or after? tell me in the comments box and I'll deliver the verdict to hubby! Me, what do i think? well i'm a bit biased, I kind of liked all that hair though!! I do think though he's looking younger in the after photo and he kind of looks exactly the way he did on the day i married him, nearly 7 years have passed since then and my granny still says we're the mushiest couple she knows. I guess I'm just lucky to have found not only my soul-mate and best friend but also someone who is easy on the eye too if you know what I mean!!


Anonymous said...

After haircut hubby for sure! and hell yeah he's a hottie!

Celfyddydau said...

Deffo the short hair. Long locks just don't suit him

Sazz said...

I prefer the long locks personally. I feel it suits him more. Sorry you can shut me know.


jafabrit said...

I liked the longer hair :)

Unknown said...

He is handsome, I like the after but shorter hair makes him look a bit older. Not that its bad...

Anyway, I enjoy your blog! Your kids are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Mandy, just on route via your hubbys blog.. to check out this new hairdo!

I prefer the 'after' look. My hubby has a similar style, short, and neat :=)


Anonymous said...

he looks like Sean Bean ! Wow !

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