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Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's not all play you know!

Yes every once in a while I do actually work, no one usually notices as i just go about my business doing little bits here and there but the last couple of days I've had a huge task on and it makes me realise what a flaky Cow I am, my mind wanders after around 20 minutes and after 40 even coffee won't help. I still have some stuff left to do but I know that I have to leave it for fear of turning myself into a pile of Jello. the thing is though when I get a job or a task from my lovely boss over at HappyScrapper, I feel an obligation to do my best and at the highest speed possible, if it weren't for my all over flakiness I would have been finished by now I'm sure!!

So no really long blog today but i will share a further Piccy or two from my hollies and I give you Looby ala Cowboy hat and the Forth Road Rail Bridge!

have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

You really should proof read before you post, or you could pay me to do it!

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