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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

5 Things I'm happy about, right now!

Phew what a day it's been, I started the blog prompt off on UKScrappers and then I rushed off to a course which was cancelled and ended up going to buy a 2 seater couch for the room formerly known as the dining room!!

So my prompt was to name 5 things which make you happy right now so here they are in no particular order :-

1. I've totally beaten agoraphobia and I'm loving life right now.
2. we're turning the diningroom part of the kitchen into a snug/den it's going to be so cool!
3. We're putting more of my A4 prints on the walls downstairs, I'm so happy to be surrounded by my beautiful family and hopefully anyone seeing them will go weak at the knees and get me some business! LOL
4. I'm so happy that I'm starting my own business even though the road is very long and arduos! it's better to try and fail than not to try at all!
5. I'm so happy that Looby went to the creche in Ikea today for the first time and she loved every minute, she was only in for around 45 minutes but she got a lot out of it, I love that my kids are all go getters and totally independant!

The photo is another from our shoot last week, Abigail and Iain being themselves as per usual!!

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Cath said...

What a stunning picture!

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