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Monday, October 20, 2014

and that was the weekend....

Monday again dear reader and my body is feeling the effects of the lower light levels already this year, last night I found myself having an anxiety attack and it's only October, I dread to think what it's going to be like for me in January this year, S.A.D. is a cruel mistress for sure, I think to protect my mental health as much as possible I'm going to have to buy a SAD light.

This weekend has been pretty good if I'm honest, I had a lovely day on Saturday with the girls and with Paul on Saturday when we all met up to have a family day at Tynemouth, I even bought myself a vintage milking stool for my lounge, I'd been looking for a footstool for ages but never found one yet and the milking stool is the perfect height.  I love spending time together as a family so much and it's always so sad when it's over but I think it's something which we have to do to create stability for the children and while we keep on doing it there's always the hope that one day that things will be better.

Yesterday I worked all day shooting portraits in Jesmond Dene and barring the wind it was the perfect autumnal day and I really took lots of beautiful photos yesterday, it's the best time of the year for photography so get out there and celebrate life, love, family, an hour spent with me having some fun together in a place you love and you will be creating memories which will last forever.

This week isn't hugely busy like next week which already looks chaotic and there's still a week to go until half term.  We're dog sitting for Aggies baby spaniel (8 months old) for 4 days and I have lots and lots of portraits booked with very little availability so if you want a photo shoot during half term get in touch sooner rather than later.

It's a good thing I think that my business continues to grow and thrive even though my life at home is far less than perfect.

You know what I am doing though?  Starting new traditions, I bought a noticeboard and on that board we're suggesting meals for the week ahead and movie choices for our new weekly movie night, I think starting new traditions is a great way to build foundations when all around you is changing and Looby and Iain seem to think it's a great idea plus it's a lot easier than me having to think up a whole weeks meal plan.

Onwards we go dear reader into a brave new week/world


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