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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Welcome to October

Welcome to October dear reader, October is the month which promises leaf kicking, hot chocolate, Yankee candles, snuggling, Halloween and the start of period in my house when you are officially allowed to watch Christmas movies, yep that's right, it's always been the same, as soon as it gets to half term you can watch Christmas movies right through until January, it's definitely one of my favourite months of the year.

October is also one of my busiest months of the year with families rushing to get out and make autumnal memories, I think the photos you create in Autumn are the ones you keep on your walls all year, partially because they're the ones you tend to give as Christmas presents but also because Autumnal photographs tend to be the most beautiful photographs of all.

I just want to share a photograph I took yesterday in Jesmond Dene, it was a celebration of the first year of the life of this little lady, what a poppet and I am so privileged that I got to photograph her because I've been photographing her mummy and daddy since before they got married, being a photographer has brought me so many wonderful clients who I'm so happy to also call friends and I'm so thankful that I get to watch tiny babies grow up into the most amazing children.

Mandy Charlton, Newcastle Photographer, kids, Jesmond Dene

It is the best thing about the career I chose and long may it continue!  If you want to make some memories with your family this Autumn you can book a photo shoot with me for only £40 or if you can make a weekday session in Jesmond Dene you can book a photo shoot with me for only £25 and that offer extends to half term week but do be quick, all dates are filling fast and I'm now pretty full until Mid November at weekends, do get in touch though and I will see if I can squeeze you in if at all possible.

Working less at weekends has meant a lot more family time although you can't please everyone, Abigail remarked that "you should work more, money is much better than time together"  You've got to hope that as she gets older she'll realise that's not the case, I think she secretly knows it although I did tell her that we would all be getting together for an autumnal family day out on Sunday to Fountains Abbey, one of my favourite National Trust Properties, it's glorious in Autumn and I love to spot the deer, it's always been a special place for us as a family and I can't wait to visit again on Sunday.

Speaking of the National Trust, today I am going for a walk around the Wallington Estate with a friend for an Autumnal stomp, I'd say with hot chocolate at the end of it but it really is rather unseasonably warm out there at the moment, I am actually loving a warm autumn, I can only hope it leads to a mild winter as it's a lot easier to do photography outside in winter when the weather isn't so awful.

Today dear reader go and leaf kick, the leaves are perfect, dry and crunchy, feel them under your feet or submerge your wellies in them, hop in them, kick in them, fall in them if they're deep enough or collect the leaves and take them home to make a collage (especially if you are under the age of 12), whatever you do today though celebrate the glory of October it really is one of the best months of the year.


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