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Friday, October 17, 2014

Did I really spend an evening sorting out my Christmas DVD's?

It's Friday dear reader, the end of another week, 2 photo shoots for me today, 1 outdoor autumnal photo shoot in Jesmond Dene this morning and then an indoor family portrait photo shoot this evening to celebrate someones Golden wedding anniversary.

Yesterday as it was raining Petunia and I had a lovely time at the garden centre wandering around the festive displays, it's funny how you only find huskies in the Christmas section

She's been having a lot of fun going undercover in these scenarios, maybe she could be the pinnacle of this years festive decor, heehee!

I have a large pile of Christmas things I've been collecting on my travels accumulating in the corner of my kitchen ready to festoon at will once we get to the end of Nov, it usually takes me a couple of days to decorate the whole house as I have the reds and greens on the big tree upstairs in my living room and then I have my Narnia theme of blue and white in the kitchen with another tree down there and I never usually manage to hold out until the first of December but if I can make it to the 25th of November before decorating then I've done well!

Last night I sorted out my Christmas DVD's and Blu Rays all onto their own special shelf and then I watched The Holiday which is definitely going to be one of my favourite festive movies and you know what, it's one of those movies you can watch at any time of the year, it's set at Christmas but it's not about Christmas if you know what I mean, it was the second time I'd watched it last night and even my son said it was ok, it's a funny thing you know, I'm always putting on movies and he acknowledges that some of mums movies are actually quite good!

I did wonder just how tragic my life had become sorting my DVD shelves of a Thursday evening but I did do it with a really good glass of white burgundy, I only really drink a bottle of wine a week or sometimes it's a month so I buy really good lovely wine to enjoy.  It's my present to myself.

I have a day off tomorrow and it will be spent with Looby doing fun things, no idea just what we're likely to get up to and knowing Looby it could be something completely left of field but whatever it is I shall be embracing the beautiful weather and the glory of a Saturday without working, it's really hard to turn down work for weekend days but the reward of time spent enjoying quality family time more than makes up for the financial loss accompanied by it.  Speaking of which, I am pretty busy now right up until Christmas so if you would like a photo shoot between now and January please don't leave it until the last minute before getting in touch or you might have to wait until January for your Christmas family photos!

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