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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Autumn at Wallington and Photography for Memory Keeping

I went to Wallington yesterday, natures autumnal hand had reached upon the landscape and started to colour everything it touched with yellows and oranges and reds, when trees go to sleep they exude bright colours in their final act before tumbling into their winter slumber to reenergise for spring.

January makes me want to hide under a blanket in the corner of my bedroom, October makes me want to get out into nature to enjoy every moment of the final act of beauty in the landscape which surrounds us.

I think it's the bright coloured crisp carpets of oranges and red which crunch under foot as we stomp our way through the trees and forests that makes one feel so alive and connected to nature.  Of course there's nothing more splendid than wearing wellies and kicking leaves or throwing them up above our heads and watching them tumble down on our shoulders, our children know just how to enjoy autumn and we in turn should embrace it with them collecting conkers and pine cones and leaves to make pretty collages and autumnal pot pourri.

Petunia is the happiest dog on the planet, I suggested to my children dear that this should be our family Christmas card for 2014, this wasn't greeted with cheering as Abigail retorted "Fine, we're not important, just put the dog on them"  I think however we've settled on a theme which I'll shoot in the October half term which contains Christmas jumpers, flashing reindeer antlers and a dog in a Santa hat, you'll want to look out for those photos I am sure!

I've been thinking a lot lately about photography for memory keeping, I don't just mean Scrapbooking although that is where I'm coming from given my history began as a scrapbooker.  Here's the thing though, photography for memory keeping, journalling, scrapbooking, blogging and diarising is quite different to portrait photography and I thought I might either run a workshop or do an online workshop with PDF's which wouldn't cost much but would teach or refresh us all with some skills we could use to move forward in our journalling in whatever form that takes.  If you would be interested in something like that do leave me a comment either here or you can email or you can find me on Facebook or Twitter.  I feel it would be a great thing to do to help you capture those every day moments we encounter during the day which we may want to keep and treasure for documenting life, I've kept memories in Scrapbooks since 2004 and my ancestors will inherit pretty books of creative pages full of the moments of life, some of them big, some of them small but all of them moments in time.
So I know every day I have been harping on about enveloping yourself in autumn, soaking it all in and recording it but I promise if you do you won't regret it because you will have saved a single moment in your time which you can leave for future generations to show them a window to your life and with each and every life on this planet being so completely unique that dear reader is a whole lot of history.

Enjoy Autumn while it lasts because this season is all too short.


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