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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fenwicks Christmas Window 2014, what could the theme be?

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday dear reader, as I type it's incredibly windy out there, the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo has lead to a very windy wake up this morning and that's outside, that's not my internal wind before you ask.

Yesterday I didn't get nearly as much done as I had planned but after school Looby and I went for a wander in town.

That'll be Looby demonstrating her bendiness then, I don't know exactly where she gets that from as I don't ever remember being that bendy and I can safely say that if I tried that now I would be in hospital after the first attempt.

Whilst we were in town we sauntered around the Christmas department at Fenwicks and Looby was very impressed by their seasonal offerings, there seems to be an Alice in Wonderland theme and I wonder if Fenwicks Christmas Window is going to also have an Alice in Wonderland theme for 2014, it would seem likely but of course not even the staff know at the moment, I'm guessing though we won't have too much longer to wait as i'm nearly sure that it's usually the half term of October when it's revealed.  It doesn't matter how old I am I always view a visit to Fenwicks Christmas window as a Christmas tradition.

I spoke yesterday about the launch of our own new traditions, i.e. I bought a chalk board and am accepting weekly suggestions for favourite meals and a weekly vote on a Friday night movie, I'm pretty sure that this weeks movie is going to be Malificent  which I shall be ordering a copy of today, probably the blu ray though as I'm trying to exchange all of my DVD's for Blu Rays.

I seem to have an even bigger obsession with Christmas this year than ever before, maybe because I am trying as much as possible to focus on something positive which will make us all happy, the best part of this year is that we're having guests, I'm so excited that my lovely friend Li and her daughter will be joining us for Christmas shenanigans this year and yesterday I despatched an email in a panic to a trusty decorator to give me some help with sprucing up my house, I'm getting there, last night I assembled a coat rack with my trusty power drill but there's still so much to do and some jobs are just too big for me to manage on my own.  I'm also going to get a cleaner in for a couple of hours every week just to give me a hand, being a single parent is an ongoing challenge mainly because I haven't a clue how they fit it all in.  I'm grateful for having an 18 year old and he's started a new tradition of collecting Looby from school on a Monday and then they go to Mcdonalds, it's a bit of a bonding thing and I really encourage it as they're getting on better every day.

It's my day off today and I'm supposed to be going out with Petunia to Washington Old Hall a National Trust property I've never been to, well overwhelmingly this morning I do hope that I don't get blown away.

Throw your anchors down dear reader and battern down your hatches, it's going to be a gusty one


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