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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Petunia the husky goes undercover at Heighley Gate....

Being that Petunia is a husky and therefore the ultimate Christmas dog it seemed only right that I should take her to enjoy some festive pleasures and exactly as I suspected dear reader my doggy is going to be the best Christmas dog ever!

Look how well she blends in seamlessly with the Christmas decor...

and look at her going undercover with the out door Christmas decorations at Heighly Gate garden centre, you would barely even know which one is Petunia ;)  Say nothing, she's deep undercover...

One thing I have worked out is that this year I can't have any decorations which have feathers on them/in them, well not unless I want them eaten, she might not want to kill small fluffy things but she does like to kill feathers.  She also got very excited about Christmas and decorations so I think our house is going to be the ultimate Christmas house this winter, actually when Looby and I were watching the Christmas movies on Monday we noted that in the modern day movies you quite often find a husky or two, maybe she has a future in the movies?!

I'll keep this blog post short and fun because if I stray into other areas my brain my just explode all over the rug, suffice to say that I'm 40 and at 40 I really thought I would have my life sorted out and I would be the happiest most content I'd ever been, apparently for me that was mostly in my 30's though, I loved my 30's, I really was so happy and content, 40 actually sucks and I can't wait to be 41 so that 40 will be over forever.

I just keep telling myself, one day everything will be fine and then I repeat this often over and over until I try to believe it, Stability, I've never really craved anything quite so much as I crave stability but for the future of my health, happiness and mental health I really do need to find it all quite soon.

Have a great Wednesday, it's all down hill to the weekend from here on in and as I have a Saturday off this week I am quite excited about the prospect of a trip to the local churches autumn fayre, how life has changed dear reader, how life has changed....


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