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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Rainy Saturday.

I woke up this morning dear reader to find that all of the lovely autumn weather had been replaced by weather suitable only for ducks (actually that is a myth, they really don't like getting wet) and moisture starved flowers and plants.  This weather does not happy photographs make and for the first time in forever I have had to reschedule 10 photo shoots and let me tell you that rescheduling 10 photo shoots isn't the easiest thing in the world but hey ho, they're all done and fitted into new places over the coming weeks.

This of course now leaves me with a very rainy Saturday in my schedule, a Saturday I have to spend on my own, Abigail and Petunia are at their dads, Looby is partying again with friends and Iain, well he doesn't count as he's usually found in the same small corner of his bedroom plugged into something, he's definitely not one for embracing the rain with red wellington boots.

My mood today is a little like the weather, I find that even though I am a positive person some days it's just a big fight up a very steep hill to maintain the positivity, today is definitely one of those days. You see I think if it's going to be rainy and you need to batten down the hatches you should do it with chocolate cake and friends and family around all snuggled under blankets while you watch movies and drink hot chocolate, it's not a place for single alone people who have no plans or places to go.

I may go out for a walk in the rain, I think it's probably not safe to take my camera with me, waterlogged technology was never a good idea, apparently my camera is waterproof but I have no urge to check if that's actually true.  I may actually just stay in bed although I did that on Monday when I was ill and it's really not that exciting, maybe if you are 4 it's a wonderful thing but not so much when you're 40 and all you can see out of the corner of your eye is My Little Pony and Lucy the scary Welsh doll.

Whatever you do today dear reader don't spend it alone like me, get your friends and family around and bake huge chocolate cakes for them or maybe all cook together to make a huge pot of chilli, that is exactly what I would be doing right now if I could fix the broken pieces back together with family superglue.

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