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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Hoarding Yankee candles and trying to be more frugal

I woke up to a nip in the air this morning, I could feel the chill on my arm as it dangled out of the duvet dear reader, I think there was a definite realisation from beneath the comfort of my cosy flannel bedding that it would soon be time to click the on switch on that thing we call central heating!

I'm sitting here with black coffee this morning because someone (me) forgot to get milk yesterday, I forgot to do most things yesterday apart from hoarding more Yankee candles, seriously, it's become and addiction and you know what, I seem to burn them all at the same time so is there even a point to selecting different fragrances?

This morning though it's a beautiful sunshiny morning outdoors and a day up to Cragside is on the schedule.  I love the days we (minus Iain because you'll remember he has to remain plugged into technology in the dark corner of a room at all times) all spend together because it makes me feel normal and I know that the kids love it too.

So today I shall be looking out for pine cones, conkers and old bits of bark, all of which make excellent autumnal house decor and of course all very frugal and if you want lots of frugal hints and tips of how you can live a better life for less you need to go and check out my lovely friend Helens blog Witty Hoots, she's got a frugal family challenge going on, the last time I saw her she'd cut her weekly shopping down to £25 a week!!!  I think I need to follow her lead, I believe she's doing Christmas lunch for £20!

After yesterdays washout with work I have an exceedingly busy week, a wedding in Harrogate and 17 separate photo shoots, if you are considering booking me for your Christmas card photos or gifts for family and friends please do it quickety split, my diary is bulging and I never want to get to that fateful point where I can't take on anymore work!

I'll leave you with a thought for Sunday dear reader and you'll forgive me if I quote something I found on Pinterest - It might take a year, it might take a day but what's meant to be will always find a way.

Have a super sparkly Sunday everyone!


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