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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The continuing quest to have a house just like everyone else

Yesterdays weather rather wrecked all of the plans I first had, I wasn't a huge fan of Washington Old Hall and Gibside was closed due to high winds so Petunia didn't have the huge day of walking but I did go and buy some storage and a shoe rack that matches the coat stand I have in the hall, all I need now is a console table and my hall will very much look like the halls other people have, instead of somewhere filled with clothes horses, ladders and bikes which is pretty much the way it's been for 10 years.

I framed photos yesterday and these two frames are now proudly hanging on my lounge walls, I think there's only 1 gap now that needs a picture/painting/photo, I'm never painting the walls or moving, the displacement of about 50 photos/paintings/pictures would be a nightmare!

Speaking of decorators, I spoke to one yesterday and even though he can't fit me in until the end of November I have hope that by Christmas my house will be fixed and beautiful and in the mean time I'll soldier on and see what more I can achieve.  Both of the bedrooms on the 2nd floor are being gutted and 1 is having a New York loft industrial feel and the other is mostly going to be Maroon with black accents, that's because it's Iains bedroom and he needed something manly and they're his favourite colours.  The NY loft was a theme suggested by Abigail and then I've developed that, it'll be a great teenage bedroom.  My bedroom has a hunting lodge theme and then my living room is overwhelmingly a tribute to a Highland home, my kitchen doesn't really have a theme but at Christmas it becomes Narnia.

I really need to have people over soon, just 1 or two so I can work through the terror of having people in my house, I'll get there one day I'm sure and then I plan to have a house which is constantly full of people, it'll be a lot cheaper than meeting in coffee houses that's for sure!

work continues to be so busy and I thought I would share a few portraits I've shot lately, if you would like to book a family portrait photographer in Newcastle just click on that link and send me an email and I'll try to fit you in as soon as I can either at a location of your choice or I have lots of photo shoots coming up in Jesmond Dene, in fact sometimes I'm there just about every day.

Now go forth, have as much midweek fun as you can and may all of your Wednesdays be wonderful.


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