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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Dog walks, confusion and instability

My dog has been on a mission to get up and embrace the morning since 3am dear reader, I finally gave in at half five so you'll excuse me if I am the queen of sleepy this morning.

Yesterday did not go as planned due to Looby being home from school all day, in truth I think she just wanted a day of being waited on hand and foot, she certainly achieved a lot considering she was supposed to be so poorly, I will give her the fact that she was full of cold but I'm pretty sure she could have gone to school and that's where she'll be trundling back to this morning.

On a positive note I did have a lovely dog walk yesterday at Gosforth Park, autumnal afternoon walks in beautiful spots are quite what life is all about.

There's something I wanted to get off my chest this morning, mainly because if it's written down then it's out of my brain.  There are 2 things in life that I hate, Confusion and Instability and I am living with them in my life on a daily basis without any end ever being in sight.  I honestly have no clue what path God or the universe has in store for me but I hope that I look back in 5 years time and I'm in a place where I feel clear headed and surrounded by stability.  I seem to have an inner turmoil on a daily basis and it's that which stops me concentrating or getting on with things I really should be attending to.  I think I look each day for guidance but I just can't find it.  I've assessed my life and come to the conclusion that I'm actually a pretty insular person, no one ever comes to visit and I rarely go out with anyone, I don't even have a visitors permit to park outside my house because I've never needed one, in 6 years I've had approximately 2 visitors.  It doesn't sit well because I feel that within me is a highly social butterfly just waiting to spread her wings, it's no wonder that I end most days feeling quite lonely and alone.

I think maybe I just need to start inviting people over for dinner or coffee or maybe just to go out on a dog walk, I do see people, I go out for coffees and teas and indeed today I am going out for coffee and a wander along the beach with lovely friend and spiritual diva Susan.  For the friends I do have I am truly thankful and if there's one thing I do know it's that online friends are just as important as real life friends.

Today I'm saying to you go and phone a friend, they'll be delighted you did, well unless it's me, I never ever answer the phone because I'm pretty phobic when it comes to the phone, I prefer to communicate via email!  But get in touch with a friend, fix up a time for coffee and hugs, neither of you will regret that and you'll enrich each others lives beyond belief. 

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