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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feeling festive far too soon...

I know what you're thinking dear reader, it's just too early to be even feeling a little bit festive but the truth is that for years I have held off until at least October half term to start watching Christmas movies but yesterday Looby and I threw ourselves into the murky world of the Netflix Christmas movies and watched 3 in a row, terrible made for TV American Christmas movies and you know what we loved every single one, it was just the ticket after a weekend spent constantly working.  I think really there's always a place for Christmas movies, they're like Disney movies I find, easy watching, there's usually a bit of love or loss in there but in the end it's always Christmas day and everyone is happy again by the end of the movie.  A bit like real life really muahahaha....

So I'm thinking about what's on the planner for the rest of the week and it really is hectic, photo shoots every day, 2 weddings to edit, a ton of admin, I'm still trying to readjust to single parenting, I have no idea how single parents manage to hold down a business, keep a tidy house, look after the kids, pay all of the bills and not look at total mess, I'm pretty sure it's not possible to have it all.  I do sort of have a plan that once I've financially readjusted I'm going to get a lovely cleaning lady in to help because I think it's a necessary with 3 kids, a dog and 3 cats.

I did also manage to run around like a crazy woman yesterday tidying and cleaning and thankfully had a bit of help from Iain and Looby, we are a pretty good team really.

One of my biggest tasks I have to sort out is the decoration of the house and that's starting with the bedrooms on the top floor and I would also like to get everything done in time for Christmas so that we have a bedroom fit for guests being that my lovely friend Li and her daughter are coming to us for Christmas this year, yes I am going to have a houseful of people for the first time ever, that's going to make me the happiest woman in the whole of the world.

I'll keep it quite short this morning as I must get dressed and I have a hangover from the migraine medication I took at 4am, that's a sure sign that I must actually have my day off and not be tempted to work through it.  I think Petunia perfect paws and I should get on our boots and go for a big walk with some cake and coffee at the end of it and maybe even a light touch of Christmas!!

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