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Friday, May 02, 2014

Uk Cityscapes, here's where we're at -

It's Friday, it's day 11 of my crowd funding, it's a couple of weeks since I started the UK Cityscapes project and I've been to 7 cities so far.


the most important post I've written this week was about the reason why I'm doing this, my war against agoraphobia and bi-polar and why I must achieve this

and so where are we now?  Well currently I've ran out of my own tiny weeny pot of savings, everything i'm earning at the moment is going into this project so as soon as I get paid for some stuff I'll be back on the road, or the train, I am actually hoping to hop to York today but it very much depends what time a delivery arrives.

My favourite image of the project so far -

Possibly because it's the image which made me decide to do this and it's all about transition, change and making bold statements, something which I identify with in my own story.

Someone asked me this week how you can go from having agoraphobia to being 400 foot up in the air with vast spaces around you, well the answer is that agorapobia is always there and there are anxious moments but then I remind myself that I'm literally giving agoraphobia a big kick in the face and I'm not just doing this for me, I'm doing it for everyone who's living with a mental health challenge and winning, although i'll always have bi-polar but I don't believe i'll ever relapse, good medication, a positive outlook at all times and a love of photography, enterprise, inspiring and helping other people mean that even when i have scary moments/hours/days I know exactly where the boundaries lie and I know how to fight them and win.

So what can you do to help?  Well there are a few ways, as of this morning I have raised £528, that's 21% of my Crowd-Funding target, if you're wondering how that works, mostly credit card payments mean I'll get a substantial part of the total around 14 days after the crowd funding deadline closes in 36 days, anything paid via paypal I get immediately and that's helping me get to cities, with the admin and getting the word out there as well as securing perks for people who contribute.

If you want to make a contribution you can do so here

If you are a business reading this, get in touch, tell me how I can help you and in return secure some business sponsorship. I've spoken to press and coverage is imminent so the earlier you're in this with me the more publicity I can get for us both.  Perhaps you would like to exchange artwork for sponsorship, well that's fine but I can't help you if you don't give me your proposals, you can email me at any time at

All of the images from the project are available as framed fine art prints, 7x5 in size in a 2 inch mount with a matt black frame and they're signed and numbered, all are only available in a limited edition of 100 and if you would like to purchase one again just email me or you'll also find a selection in my Etsy store, Philomenas Boutique

If you want up to the minute progress while I am on the go all you need to do is follow me on Twitter and you'll also find me on Facebook and of course I have my own website and I am still very much available for weddings and portraits oh and 1 more thing, if you don't live in the North East and would like to book a photo shoot with me when I visit your city there's a couple of special perks just for you on my crowd funding page.  book early though so I can plan it into my schedule as some cities I may only be coming to for a few hours, whilst I'd like to spend 24 hours in each city it's just not possible.

1 final thing, if you're travelling to a city somewhere and have room in your car for me (serious offers only and no serial killers please) I'd love to split the petrol costs with you so do get in touch :)

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend, I am shooting portraits, a party and then celebrating Abigails forthcoming 12th birthday which is on Wednesday but we always celebrate on the bank holiday weekend.  This year she's getting an electric keyboard and some Dr Martens amongst other things, being 12 seems pretty splendid to me.

Oh and here she is, my just about to be 12 year old.

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