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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

UK Cityscapes - York, city 8 of 69

Yesterday I boarded a train for a day in the 8th city of 69 in my quest to be the first person to document and photograph all 69 cities of the UK.

That 8th city is of course York which happens to be one of my favourite cities, York has been a city since AD71 when it was founded by the Romans as Eboracum where it became the capital of the roman province of Britannia later on the Vikings would go on to make it there own giving it the name Jorvik, it literally has history every where you turn, you could say it's seeping out of the river Ouse!

If you have kids it's the perfect place for a day out, as well as that viking museum Jorvik you'll also find the National Rail Museum, the York Dungeons, The York Castle Museum, Cliffords Tower, York Minister and many many more, you could spend a week in York with the kids quite happily entertaining them with something different every day.  I adore York Minister, it's simply beautiful.  I love the architecture of York, it's quite like Edinburgh where everywhere you look is beautiful and don't get me wrong there are newer buildings but they're either not so visible of they've managed to blend in to the background quite easily.  Shall we look at the photographs?

From the train station as you come out and walk towards the city this is one of the first views you'll see, the Minister is such an imposing building that you'll often see parts of it when you look up or glance down a street, you'll probably notice it from the images.

I recommend that you go on the riverboat tour if you've not been to York before, I've done it a few times and quite like the hours jaunt down the river Ouse and back again.

On the right of this image you can see the coffee of one of Yorks most favourite resident buildings, Bettys, one of the best places in the country for an afternoon tea or a morning coffee, light lunch but be ready to queue, it gets very very busy, especially in the summer months, it's worth it though, I adore Bettys!

To get an actual cityscape of York I climbed this building, Cliffords Tower is owned by the English Heritage and as you can see from the image, it's a bit of a climb but totally worth it for the 360 degree panoramic views over the city.

while I was at the top I noticed there was filming going on, something to do with "How to train your dragon 2" not sure what as the movie is a cartoon and it wrapped ages ago, dvd extras maybe?  I would have tried to creep in but sadly I wasn't wearing my viking horns.

and here it is, this is the image which will go forward as a cityscape from York, it is a shame that part of York Minister is shrouded in scaffold but actually if you know York, the Minister is constantly undergoing essential work so it's often seen just like this.

I couldn't of course come to York without visiting the Shambles and getting one or two images, the streets are always crowded with tourists whether it's January or June.

and there's Bettys again, those famous tea rooms.

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