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Friday, May 16, 2014

It's going to be a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day...

Well will you look at that, skies are blue and the sun is out, I love the summer months, I know it's technically still spring, not long to go now though...

So, it's Friday and where are we with all things #UKCityscapes?

  1. £1,042
  2. 42%
  3. 22 days to go
  4. 8 cities photographed
  5. 61 cities to go
  6. 49 weeks left to finish in a year
yep, that's the statistics of where we're at, I still feel like it's very doable and I'll reach and possibly even exceed my target, it's just a slight lull while I attend to other parts of my business, I had a couple of wonderful photo shoots yesterday and I have more over the weekend, back in the actual office on Monday and I think that's the day when I'll be on a mission.

So what can you do?

  1. pre order a digital copy of the book, for this weekend it's only £2 once again BUY YOURS HERE
  2. pre order the actual photo book, a glorious hardback containing all 69 cities and the adventures it took to get me to them, for this weekend there's £5 off meaning it's only £25 BUY YOURS HERE

So have a wonderful weekend in the glorious sunshine and don't forget to save and go order your Uk Cityscapes book today!

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