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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Galsgow, City 7 of 69 (host city of the 2014 Commonwealth Games), UK Cityscapes Project by Mandy Charlton

First of all I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has shared the campaign page, read my blog post about why I'm doing this or made a contribution and claimed a perk!  This morning I've raised 21% of the total and campaigns who manage to get the first 20% are statistically more likely to reach their target, there's still 37 days to go and 79% to go though so keep sharing, helping, whatever you can, I'm determined I can do this now!

So lets get back to city number 7 of 69, the 2014 Commonwealth Games host Glasgow...

largest city in Scotland and 4th largest city in the UK with a population of over half a million people.  It's home to some of the most splendid museums and it's a place to go if you have kids because with the exception of the science museum they're all free!  Don't leave out the Science museum though as it's quite fantastic, we go every time we're in Glasgow because Abigail and Looby love it so much.

1 thing I've never managed to do in Glasgow is go up the Glasgow Tower which is unsurprising because since it was built in 2003 it's only worked for 20% of it's whole life, I suspect if I ever get up there I'll be rewarded with the most spectacular views of Glasgow ever though!

Glasgow of course has long been associated with Rennie Mackintosh, the designer, architect and artist was one of the most influential figures of Scotlands history.

Shall we get on to the photos?

The cityscapes aren't always the most picturesque things you've ever seen but they all make up the amazing city that is Glasgow

It's been lovely having my daughters along while they've been on their school holidays, I shall really miss them next week when I start doing the cities on my own.

sorry about the dodgy photograph of me, you can't really pack hair straighteners when you're carrying everything in a backpack, my neck is in enough pain without packing unnecessary products!

Cityscapes are everywhere in Glasgow because of the multiple hills it's built on, I would have liked to get higher up but I'm happy to wait until the Glasgow Tower re-opens this summer, I reckon it'll be a view worth waiting for.

The next city I'll be visiting is York, I know exactly where I'm going to capture the cityscape and there'll be lots of photos of the beauty of York too, I had intended to go today but the weather is appauling all over the UK today so I'm having another admin and planning day.

If you're a photographer popping your head in to read this post you may like to know that all of the images were taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the 35mm f1.4, it's the most amazing combination and the dynamic range alone is quite a special thing.  You may also like to know that all of these images were shot in Jpeg, the X-Pro1 makes it possible to never have to shoot in RAW again, how much editing?  Well all of the images have been through Lightroom, then Photoshop and then Lightroom again, it's quite a specific look and feel I have gone for and there's more information about why I've chosen to do that on the campaign page.

If you would like to contribute to the campaign in anyway possible the page is here and to email me about any of the images or anything about the project at all my email address is as ever


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