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Monday, May 12, 2014

UK Cityscapes in the News and the North East isn't Britains Detroit Andy Beckett of the Guardian!

This weekend has been high on excitement after this amazing piece in the Sunday newspaper, I'm trying to find out if there's any way to view it online at the moment so once they put it up there I'll update this article with a link.

Newcastle, not so much a barren wasteland as it is beautiful.

It's all delightful and exciting news though because it means it's out there in the world, funnily enough there was an article published by the Guardian on Saturday which stated that the NE is the British equivalent to Detroit and it made me very angry, the article published several very negative images of the North East and so I replied to the article sharing some of the blogposts I'd written showcasing our beautiful region, we are very far away from ever becoming Detroit and the truth of the matter is that all cities have nice bits and nasty bits, beautiful bits and depressed areas and the whole country has been affected by the arts cuts and the recession we've lived through but for me the North is full of beauty and cultural heritage, it has a vibrant tech scene, is home to Thinking Digital Conference, we have many art galleries, museums and music venues, we do not live in a cultureless depressed place.  London has just as many depressed recession affected areas as the rest of the country!  Please go and leave a comment on the article if you feel as I do that the writer Andy Beckett has got it all completely wrong, point him towards any of my blog posts about the project, particularly the ones featuring images of our gloriously pretty, steeped in heritage and culture region.

I'm sure on my journey I am going to see many sides to the cities of the UK and not all of them will be pretty but this is a feel good project and there's beauty to be found in every city, some you might have to search a little deeper but it's there if you look.

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