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Saturday, May 24, 2014

41% to go, UK Cityscapes weekend news

That's an alternative view of Glasgow which was city 7/69, I love this photo, not so glamorous but I think it's pretty!

Yes it's excitingly true, yesterday was a bumper day in the funding quest for the UK Cityscapes project, people have been pre-ordering their books and businesses have been securing themselves a brilliant sponsorship opportunity  Michaela Knight of did yesterday evening, she's my newest business investor and you're going to be hearing a lot more about her over the next year, she is of course joining the very good company of, and, there are only a few business investor spaces left to go and get one now from where you can also pre-order a book or grab yourself something lovely, sponsorship starts at only £3 and you get stuff in return!!

I really never dreamed it was possible to get this far, I feel like I have the whole country behind me between the 600 people who are reading my blog ever day and the thousands of followers I have on social media.

It's the most exciting time and obviously I have saved the reveal of a whole new photo just for the occasion and what could be more fitting than a portrait of me?

Yes that's me, wearing a rucksack pressed into one of those giant pressy things (I don't know the technical name) at the Glasgow Science Centre you know I've probably mentioned how my postcards from the city are usually collected on a barter system whereby in a lot of cities I take 1 of my daughters (it makes the travel cheaper because of our family railcard and I get to share some of the experiences with them) and we have a conversation that goes something like this -

"Mum do you have to take more photos?"
"yes, I do, it's for the project"
"but I wanted to do fun things
"Well we are doing fun things"
"I'm bored and i'm hungry and i haven't eaten for 5 whole minutes, and I need the loo and I'm going to collapse from lack of orange juice"
"5 more minutes and we'll go to the next museum we find"
"alright but if you break your promise I shall stand on this bridge and not move ever again"
"no, you're a panda"

Actually that's usually Abigail, Looby is a lot easier than that are rarely complains, she just enjoys the experience, oh and lets just also add, Looby doesn't mind a long journey, Abigail has a boredom threshold of 11 minutes, we know because we've timed it!  Now can you imagine being on the train for 6 or 7 hours with a 12 year old who's bored after 11 minutes?

I'll stop now as it'll only spoil your enjoyment of actually reading the book full of these adventure but let me just say here and now, Abigail will not be joining me on trips to Inverness or anywhere further south than London!

Tomorrow I am off to Sterling, well I say tomorrow, could be Monday, depends on weather, accommodation which i'll assess this evening and yes I know it's last minute but that's what is for!

Right then, in two hours I shall be on the beach photographing little people and their families, please go do a sun dance as the weather isn't currently all that inspiring and unlike cityscapes people don't generally enjoy standing in the rain!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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