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Friday, May 09, 2014

UK Cityscapes, The Movie

It's not like me to blog twice in one day but here it is, the movie premier of my movie, of course it's all in aid of the UK Cityscapes Project and if you like it I would love you to do one of the following things

  1. Visit and share the link, or claim one of the wonderful rewards
  2. Buy a digital postcard from your city for only £3 HERE
  3. Pre-Order a digital copy of the book for only £5 HERE
  4. Pre-Order a copy of the actual book (10x8 landscape photobook) for only £30 HERE
  5. Become a business investor and secure yourself a year of sustained marketing for only £100 (that's less than £2 a day and you will be reaching thousands every single day HERE
  6. Buy a Canvas from the project to decorate your home, workspace or office (16x24 inches) for £150 HERE
  7. Book a 1 hour photo shoot with me for you and your family/kids when I visit your city (if I've already been to your city and it's in the NE of England don't worry, I can come back) HERE
Thank you, you're amazing!

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