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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dundee, City 11/69 in the UK Cityscapes Project

On Tuesday I boarded a train from Sterling with my daughter and travel companion for this part of the trip Looby.  We were travelling to Dundee, City 11/69 in the UK Cityscapes Project we were excited at the prospect of seeing another historic Scottish city, one of Loobys school topics about bridges meant she was curious to see the Tay Bridge and the remains of the old bridge, we never did find the new memorial from the Tay Bridge disaster

It cost around £18 for the return ticket from Sterling to Dundee and it's a lovely hours journey through rolling green mountainous hillsides. Travel in Scotland is pleasurable mainly because of the beautiful views and I've noticed that there are more windows in Scotrail trains, the whole experience seems lighter and brighter, it's just a shame that when I asked the lady on the refreshment trolley for sparkling water that she informed me I was only allowed still water, the sparkling was only for first class, this makes absolutely no sense to me, I did tweet Scotrail about it but so far they have failed to comment.

When you arrive in Dundee you wonder if it's even finished yet, they are going through a massive redevelopment which is due to be completed in 2017, it's somewhat like a huge building site in areas.

The following things happened in Dundee, the bus driver failed to tell us which stop we needed even though we asked and informed us when I asked if we'd missed our stop that yes we should have got off the stop before.

A bike rider went past and swore loudly at me in front of Looby because I hadn't heard his bike bell.

A representative of a church with great views flatly refused us access unless we came back at 2.30 on Sunday

A man told us off because we went the wrong way even though we were in strange city.

Dundee just isn't a friendly place and that is such a shame but you can't help thinking there's an atmosphere when you are there, there are of course some lovely people, the tourist officer was fantastic and helped us get to the Dundee Law where I took many of the images and we had a lovely lunch at Henrys Coffee and left a suspended coffee for someone who needs it in the future.

Shall we see some photos?

The train journey passes through Iverurie, so very pretty

I really loved this square, you can see Henry's Coffee house on the left hand side

we did find a unicorn in Dundee so it wasn't all bad!

The walk up to Dundee Law, the highest point in Dundee, get the number 4 bus which is the Minnie the Minx Route and it stops just in front of the hill you'll need to climb, this is the bus we should have got on the way up but only found out about it on the way back down.

The climb to the top is absolutely worth it, the views are just incredible

That's me, proving I did actually do it!

Dundee, home of Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx

and a Dragon

and captain Scotts ship

and penguins, not real ones, they live outside of Discovery Cove, a museum all about Captain Scott of the Antarctic and also a great place for a cuppa, Looby had an awesome waffle and I had a brilliant cream tea, it's really just as well we climbed that hill and walked for miles so we could see the Tay bridge up close.

and that was her reward for all the walking, sadly not a patch on the park in Perth

That's the Cathedral and the Science centre, by the time we found it, it was closed and to be honest we just wanted to go back to beautiful Stirling!

Even though our visit to Dundee was marred by some unfriendly unhelpful people I still believe there's beauty there if you find it.

There are only 7 days left to jump on board with the UK Cityscapes project so go order a book and enjoy the adventure, its only then you can claim that it wouldn't have happened without you.


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