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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Become a business investor of UK Cityscapes the book

Beautiful Liverpool, my first city of 69

Todays special perk of the day is just for you, yes you, the ones sitting behind desks plugging away in your own business.

If you become a business investor you'll get a massive amount of publicity and you'll be able to tell the world how brilliant your business is, it would make a great press release for your business

For only £100 you will get a blog post all about you, a permanent link from my blog in my blog links section, you will also get your name/logo on the investors page of the finished book and there'll be a direct link in the digital version.  I will be selling the book in Kindle form through Amazon and the actual book will also be on sale on Amazon too! In addition to that you'll also get a copy of the actual book which you can display for all to see in your work area or office.

But hurry, there are only 20 business spots available!

To claim this perk just go to my Crowd-Funding page

It's not just about that though, it's about you and your business being part of something good and great, something which encourages others to make bold leaps and bounds in their lives and businesses.

So currently I have 3200+ Followers on Twitter, 3500 followers on Facebook and my blog gets on average 200-400 page views per day although lately there've been days when I've had in excess of 500 page views, I've been blogging in some form or other since about 2004 so it's one of the things I'm quite good at!

If you don't have quite as much to invest then today I've also added another little perk, only 250 available, you can get yourself a 7x5 print of any image which makes it onto the blog of your city, it's not a fine art print but it is printed on Fuji Lustre professional paper, the same paper I use for all of my prints and it's also not a limited edition but it is your chance to own some of the art work and join me on this project.  to claim this perk my funding page is here

1 final thing, until Midnight tonight you can pre-order a digital copy of the book for only £2 instead of £5, what are you waiting for, go claim the perk now!

Finally if there's some way in which I could you to promote your business that I haven't already thought of, get in touch, lets work together to inspire people, you can email me at

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