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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

For 24 hours only - Pre-Order a digital copy of UK Cityscapes for only £2 instead of £5

For one day only dear reader you can pre-order a digital copy of my forthcoming UK Cityscapes book for just £2, the regular price is £5, only 100 copies are available and the offer only lasts for 24 hours so pre-order your digital edition of UK Cityscapes today!

If I can sell 100 copies in the next 24 hours I'll be nearly half way to my crowd funding target and there are still 31 days to go. I really need your help to do this, if you missed why, you can catch up here

If you're wondering why I'm not off hopping and leaping and bounding through cities right now it's because I have a full week of work this week, portraits, pre-wedding shoots and consultations as well as it being my beautiful daughter Abigails 12th Birthday

She was pretty delighted to receive her very first pair of Dr Martens, purple ones too!  She also got new brogues, new Converse and a brand new electronic keyboard (yes that's 3 pairs of footwear, it seems my passion for shoes has passed to both daughters even though this one says she is not a girly girl, one day I think she'll rebel and all she'll want to wear is pink!  Abigail of course has already travelled to some of the cities with me as has Looby and that for me is a wonderful thing, I think that probably goes to making up some of the adventures we've had on our travels so far.  I love going to cities and travelling even when I'm on my own (and I actively try to deal with that anxiety I still get when someone is walking behind me) but it's always fab when you can share the experience, I can't wait to share more cities with them in half term and then the summer holidays, I'm even hoping hubby will be able to come along to some cities, I think that's how the stories are created, it'd be easy to just turn up to 69 cities, take one photo and then sneak away without anyone seeing you but I don't want to do that, I want to truly experience each city providing enough images for a blog post and chapter of the book about that city.  I think it would be really hard to get a feel for a city in an hour, who knows though, I may find cities I want to escape from as soon as I get there ;)  I don't believe that though, I think there's beauty to be found in each an every one of our cities, definitely there are some where it's not immediately visible but it's only by exploration you get to see it.  I guess that's a bit like people really, you can't just take people at face value, you have to see what's inside them to have a true knowledge of their inner selves.

So Happy Wednesday, Happy Birthday to Abigail and I am off to buy a big 12 year olds birthday cake (as opposed to a 12 year old birthday cake which wouldn't be very nice at all really)


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