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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Still Having doubts...

Is it just me or does everyone go throug moments where they really doubt their own ability?

Just lately I have some things going on which strangely enough I can't even mention on my blog, anyway this has really forced me into a make or break situation with my photography and I have decided to go for it, I get great feedback, I've had work and I have bookings for the future and yet this teeny voice at the back of my head still says "Are you having a laugh"

I think it probably is a common feeling for most of us in creative roles as all art is subjective and selling your own personal style of photography is key to getting repeat work, after all, if you love it but others can't see why, it doesn't mean it's bad but at the same time it's not going to make money.

Once again, just my random thoughts and feelings but hey isn't that what having a blog is all about?

Todays photos are more from Edinburgh zoo and really I suppose thats what set this whole thing off. I was just saying to hubby that I didn't end up with as many photos in my final cut and was this because either A, I was a great big pile of pants or B, because I'm just getting fussy and striving for perfection?

Of course I opted for the latter explanation because I kind of know that I'm a whole lot fussier than I used to be and again I think thats because the images I put on my blog are a direct representation of the person someone can hire and therefore it's unlikely that I'll put poor quality snapshots and of course even from my own personal point of veiw I love to see a good shot where as in the past I would have just been delighted at any shot containing my family etc, let me tell you I have atleast 20gb of photos of my family now, I'm not going to keep every single samey photo! LOL

So if you're reading this today and you're an artist of any description and I mean this from actual artists to photographers, scrapbookers, crafters.... What do you think, do we strive higher and higher for perfection the longer we practice our art or are we just setting ourselves up for a fall and should we try and veiw even the bad shots as good because intrinsicly they are part of our portfolio too?


Celfyddydau said...

Definatly B!

I do the same thing. I can run off a whole roll (or fill a whole disc) and not be happy at all. I think that is why I take so many photos. I'm looking for that one perfect shot.

Samantha said...

Since I got my digital camera, I've constantly been striving for great pictures like I see here, and at many other blogs...I'm working really hard, but apparently I'm not getting it LOL I dont know how you do it, but I think all your pics are perfect :) In my situation, I weed out the pics that I dont feel, and keep the ones that I think are best, but thats just me LOL

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