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Friday, February 02, 2007

So I was blown away...

By the fabulous quality of the images I shot in Raw on my new camera yesterday, I didn't take many because the light was not good, even so though I think it did a pretty fabulous job, thing is though that I processed them using camera raw in photoshop and now I can't seem to convert them to Jpeg and so it's all got a little complicated, I managed to save this one for web as a gif though so atleast I can share. Only thing is that to me the colours now look a little off but thats probably more to do with blogger than me as obviously the colour profiles will differ. Yes ok I'll stop now I realise I am probably boring you half to death. I'm planning on shooting many many photos over the weekend and hopefully i'll be able to work out how to convert them, can't believe I didn't realise just what a difference RAW made. I think I may have to get a new laptop now though to compensate for the size of the images!

In other matters I had a lovely birthday, went out with hubby last night and it still amazes me just how deeply I love him and how he's the only company i need to make me glitter and sparkle!

I received a card yesterday with no greeting and inside all that was written "On your Birthday, From your Parents" and then a large line underneath, obviously this was sent with the purpose of ruining my birthday, luckily though I'm stronger than that now so I resealed the envelope and returned to sender!!! The evilness of someone actually sending malevolent greetings on your birthday, ah well I suppose it keeps her busy! LOL

Have a great weekend blogging world, I know I will and my new trusty DSLR Cate will too!!

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jafabrit said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day.

Not bored by the info on photos. I can't seem to get good close ups at the mo on my camera :(
Yours are great.

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