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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fountains Abbey

We went to Fountains Abbey near ripon in north Yorkshire today, the first real test of my new camera, of course I still only have the kits lens, the 2 lenses I really want will be purchased on Tuesday and I suspect they will be the first of many! Don't think I did too badly though! I really loved Fountains Abbey, we only got to spend a couple of hours there today and the kids all thought it was brilliant, I suspect that come the warmer sunnier days of spring and summer we'll be having a lot more trips there, we never even got as far as exploring the large deer park so i think that will be first on the cards for next time.

Tonight I'm kicking off my heels a little and enjoying a lovely glas or two of some quality red wines and then tommorrow although hubby doesn't know it yet I'm dragging him out to the park for more photographic opportunities and then hopefully back fro a large Charlton Family Sunday Lunch.

I'm not sure whether you can tell in the photo but hubby has lost around 3 stone since he became a postman, he has a waist size of 29", something I would kill for, lets just say he's quite fit and deserves a lot of attention!!

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Greta Adams said...

great photos...

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