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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And now for something a little different...

We went off to Seahouses for some real traditional fish and chips for tea this evening, by the time we had finished dusk had fallen and I had a quick wander to the harbour whilst hubby and kids finished their teas, to be honest all was quiet and there wasn't really a lot going on but I spied this pretty boat next to the lobster pots and had to photograph it, To be honest I only had my 5omm f1.8 on the camera but I have to say that I'm really pretty pleased with the end result, for some reason it just looks better in black and white, oh and if you're wondering the steps between the shooting in raw and the black and white end, it's basically, curves, levels, channel mixer, Unsharp mask with a couple of tweaks in between, all of course done in Adobe Camera Raw and then CS2. This is a removal from my normal portrait stuff but I do actually enjoy taking photographs of anything and everything, thing is though and here we go back to a previous posts about whether your work is good or not, because I don't take loads of this kind of thing who knows whether it's fabulous or not, it may be laughed at in certain circles but I can tell you from my perspective, I love it and dear reader I hope you love this little snapshot from gorgeous Northumbria too!


jafabrit said...

It's a nice angle and I agree b&w works best for this one. I used to love going to seahouses.

Anonymous said...

Pedantic point: if you are in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, then to be consistent Seahouses is in Northumberland - or else both are in Northumbria!

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