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Monday, February 26, 2007

I was thinking....

Should I turn my blog into a photoblog or should I start an additional photoblog, hmmm, haven't decided yet but there's definetly some thinking going on!!

Todays photos of the day are gorgeous Looby this afternoon and gorgeous hubby whom I caught as he came in the garden, photo taken from above out of the sittingroom window which BTW is becoming one of my favourite angles with the Sigma 70-300mm.

Apart from the photos nothing else is really going on, just cost us £160 to fix the darned car again and I'm beginning to feel like kicking it every time I see the blasted thing, if I didn't enjoy our days out quite so much I would have dumped it in the river Tyne by now LOL!

Ooh and just bought a new printer, I'm reverting back to Canon as the Epson really didn't suit me and I want to print Canon photos on Canon paper with Canon inks and have them last 100 years, I really couldn't get away with Epson photo paper, don't quite know why but hey ho, such is life and all that Jazz!
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