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Sunday, February 25, 2007

An argument....

has broken out at Chez Charlton this afternoon over whether any photoshoppery should be used in portraiture, it was actually this photograph which sparked the debate, it's a self portrait and to be honest it hasn't had loads done to it, I removed a couple of red spots, twinkled my eyes, trimmed my bushy eyebrow and then desaturated and finally a total unsharp mask, couple of other tweaks but I think I really love this photo, Paul says it's not me and yet usually when I edit photos of him I perform the same things and he never complains when he looks amazing, does he think that the world should see me as a spotty mess or is it the case that he really thinks he's all that anyway and already looks amazing, I would kind of go with that as my husband is quite the narcascist, he spends far longer preening in the mirror than I do and he has self esteem by the bagful and when were talking football he becomes positively arrogant, I know that to get ahead in life we all need a little self loving, I just wish that I could tap into some of it, then again when I happily reveal myself to the world which doesn't happen very often why does he make me feel like a fraud just because I removed my spots and a nobble from my nose which I particularly hate.

I know that it's answers on a postcard please with this one and perhaps we'll never really agree and the funny thing is that when I perform my magic on photos of the children he doesn't say a word. I do love this photo of himself from this afternoon and actually it's the way I see him anyway, I do see the twinkliest eyes and pretty much utter perfection. Perhaps I, myself am partly to blame for his high opinion of himself but I just wish that I could tap into it and have some for myself!

Anyway I don't really want to dwell because we both agree that when it comes to photos of the children I do a fabulous job and i have been out in action again today grabbing every last second of brighter light which if I am right in thinking must have happened for all of half an hour this evening. You could tell the rain had finally stopped after 7 days because the children could get out the house quick enough and it wasn't long before Abigail and Looby were making mud pies in the back garden, isn't it great that the children have such optimistic spirits, soggy no problem lets make mud pies. So anyway this last photograph I took with my Sigma 70-300 out of the livingroom and I got the children to look up as I pointed down into the garden, got this cracking candid of Looby and I totally love it!


jafabrit said...

painters and photographers have been altering, manipulating, editing portraits since the get go.
I figure it is your perogative as the professional photographer to tweak as you see fit, especially your OWN image :)

Anonymous said...

Of course it looks like you Mandy!! Think it's a fabby self portrait well done !


Celfyddydau said...

I love it. I honestly think that is one of the best photos you've taken.

I hadn't even noticed half of what you say you've done to the pic.

Maybe you should do some before and after photos of Paul so he can see himself "warts and all"

Fiona said...

Blimey Mandy - i'd never use a photo of myself before removing my zits LOL. And I've removed cuts and scratches from the kids faces if I had a particularly nice photo I wanted to use with evidence of faling off bike etc. I think it's perfectly fine to make small cosmetic adjustments ;)

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