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Monday, February 05, 2007

Horrible day so here's some lovely photos

Truly, Truly, Truky awful day today, I've only just finished working and I would have been done by lunchtime had it not been for Norton anti virus who's firewall today decided that it was no longer going to let IE7 work anymore, in the end I removed it and put in it's place another firewall but that one was so secure that it wouldn't even let me read my mail or log into Napster, that one has also been removed and replaced as has Norton anti-virus, I think I may have found an amicable solution and I now feel secure but not so secure I'm in a panic room without an exit!!

These photos are more from yesterday including the one of Paul which was pure guess work, that will touch him to be beastly and refuse to have his photo taken.

Aaaahhh onwards, payday tommorrow, shopping, tea out and muchos relaxation safe in the knowledge that I now get paid for the job I love so very much and after today the rest of the week should be a dream.

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