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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

From Quiche to Scones and everything in between

My darling hubby is off work this week and mainly making his presence felt by irritating the life out of me and spending money like it's water to try and stave off any boredom!!

Today he decided that baking was the order of the day and so commenced to bake from after he dropped the children off at school until teatime this evening and boy oh boy thats a whole lot of baking. Today he has baked:-

Quiche, Muffins, Chocolate fudge cake, Millionaires shortbread, butterfly cakes and cherry scones! Kill me I'm in sugar shock!!

Actually by the time it was teatime the effects of being surrounded by so much baked produce all day actually worked against hubby and I and I had to stop after that very delicious Bacon and Cheese quiche you see above.

Thing is though, Yesterday was DIY day, Today was Baking day, Friday is an Away day, what does that leave for Tommorrow and Thursday and should I be scared??????

Todays photo of Looby was taken earlier with a lens not suitable for portrait but I'm in mass exhaspiration as the f1.8 lens i bought from Ebay last week still hasn't arrived and when I dared to enquire of it's wearabouts I was told off by the seller for being abrupt, I'll certainly not be shopping with that seller again and thats the last time I take notice of "In Scotland, Next day guaranteed delivery". Sorry needed to get that off my chest but what is a portrait photographer to do without a portrait lens, my shallowest depth of field I can create at the moment is at best 3.5 and not great, arghhhhh!

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Samantha said...

that bacon/cheese quiche looks divine, can you mail me some? LOL *hugs* Happy Valentine's Day !!!

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