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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just watching!

Another Looby photo today, I was playing with my 70-300mm, not much else I can do as it's freezing cold outside though not enough snow to do anything with and Abigail has ulcerated tonsilitus and Scarlet Fever, my doctor hadn't seen Scarlet Fever for years and I've had to inform school so they can send letters out to everyone seeing as it's very contagious, not a nice thing to have so I'm hoping that we don't all end up with it.

Anyway back to the photo, as I was testing out my lens I managed to get a few without Looby even noticing, my favourite sort of photography, it was shot at 800iso as it's so dark indoors today, after taking it in raw I processed it in photoshop, first applying a sepia filter, then adding a layer of gaussian blur, then using the channel mixer to turn to black and white and finally adjusting the opacity of the top layer to around 50% to get a really soft muted sepia ish photo which I think adds to the dreamy feel of the photo. What do you think, I would love to hear!


Anonymous said...

Well I think BEAUTIFUL but then I am slightly biased as I am an official Auntie Jacqui and Looby is the sweetest child you'll ever meet!
Thinking of you Mandy and more so Abigail hope she's confortable and will mend soon xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Mandy, your photos go from strength to strength.

Hope Abigail is feeling better and you have all stayed clear of the lurgy.

Samantha said...

Oh Mandy how I've missed you!! But no worries, I'm back now :) *huggggggs* Beautiful picture of Looby!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos mandy ive enjoyed looking at your blog,love your littie girl with her cat lots of love jackie craft kingdomxxxxxxx

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