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Friday, February 16, 2007

Edinburgh Zoo

Ediburgh Zoo was our location today an away day of low stress and high fun!

Edinburgh Zoo is on the outskirts of Ediburgh just north of the border in Scotland. (just popping that in for my US Buddies ;) ) It opened in 1912 and these little fellas have been there since 1914 and very happy little chaps they are too, Edinburgh Zoo is now a world leader in conservation and all of the animals are very well loved and looked after. We had a ball of a time and Loobys reaction to animals she had never encountered before was truly magical.

I have to say I have had an absolute whale of a time, I love animals and could have spent much more time there. It's one of our favourite places and quite well worth the 2 and a half hours it takes to get there.

I'll share some more photos over the weekend but for now my feet and my shoulders are aching, one thing about the Zoo was sll the walking we did, it's all built on a hill and I must recommend getting the safari bus to the top of the hill as it's a bit steep. Actually in all the times we've been visiting this was the first time we waited for the Hilltop safari bus and I feel all the better for it tonight.

I'm off to the bath now for a soak before bedtime, tommorrow is Saturday and you know what that means....

Well Iain thinks it means that we're off to our usual weekend jaunts in Yorkshire, You never know!!!



Unknown said...

I have been to Edinburgh! I stayed there about three weeks. I'd go back to visit if i could afford it! LOL!

jafabrit said...

I love the eyebrows on the penguin, great photos. Sounds like a lovely day trip.

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