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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spring is on it's way

Well atleast I'm hoping it is, the snowdrops were out in force when we were out walking in Jesmond Dene this afternoon. It was a little on the nippy side but no one seemed to mind as we enjoyed the afternoon sunshine. I'm trying to get new portraits of the children for the livingroom wall at the moment, I already have a plethora to choose from but I'm going to keep shooting for another week or so and then make the final choice.

I rather like this one of Iain, he's just had his haircut and so is looking particularly smart, even so he doesn't usually like posing for photos so I'm inwardly thanking him for the 5 or 6 great shots I got of him this afternoon.

Abigail is my most eager poser, she's always on hand for a plethora of shots and I got around 10 that I loved, I do like this one of her posing on a wooden pig, she's certainly providing me with lots of great poses of late!

Looby of course is always a joy to photograph if you can catch her inbetween all the bouncing, usually we have smiley happy Looby, but I do love the look of concentration on her face here!

Hubby was in an awkward mood and mostly refused to have his photo taken, even though it was he who announced we needed new portraits for the wall, I did get one which turned out not so bad and I'll share that one later in the week, I didn't want to upload so many photos that anyone got bored or blogger threw a huff!!

Can I just throw my arms up in glee for the wonders of the Canon 350D and RAW, love it, makes me want to take photo after photo after photo because I know each one is going to be fabulous, time for me to invest in a large external hard-drive quick!

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Fiona said...

Great pics Mandy. Especially love that one pf Looby - little darling!

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