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Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Autumnal Walk

Yesterday was pretty awful, the day started badly when the Postman delivered a letter from my parents telling both hubby and I that we were possibly the worst people ever to walk the earth oh and we're also the worst parents in the universe, of course i'm paraphrasing but I can't actually bring myself to copy the whole side of A4 for all to see. this is not the first time it's happened, there have been several instances of mothers vitriolic letter writing, she once wrote a letter to Paul telling him to get away from me quickly or I would destroy his life, oh yes if you want an abusive letter (or text message even) then mother is the place to go to. The funny thing is that i could forgive something written in haste but no, this had been typed on the computer and then hand-signed. So in case you missed what we did that was so completely heinous, we asked them to have all three children in one sitting instead of the girls one day and Iain the next. This is mostly duie to Paul starting work at the post office and his job and football leaving less time to spend as a family. So now we're getting evil letters and Mum has made sure in her own evil dictator type way that the rest of the family disown us too. I'm having a hard time as you can imagine but hey ho atleast i have my therapist who reassures me that we are in the right and that my mother is an abusive and not very nice woman.

So anyway not wanting to dwell too much or I'm going to get upset, we thought we would get out of the house for an hour so we went up to Wallington Hall in Northumberland and had a lovely walk through the woods where I took the above photos, love the interesting Fungi ones, I have a lovel of odd Fungi, they're quite mad those ones don't you think!!

After walking I felt somewhat calmer though I managed to lose the plot over a steam cleaner when we came home and spent the afternoon in bed with a migraine. Last night the kids were away so Paul fed me and got me slightly squiffy. I do feel a bit better this morning and we're off to a fireworks display tonight to celebrate "Guy Falkes" or Bonfire night as we call it in this country.

Oh and I must add that I received my partner for the Christmas Grotto goodie swap, I'm so excited to have a partner in the US which makes the swap all the more exciting, anyway go and see her, her blog is called Mommy Need a Mai Tai ( and i think we can all identify with that one, for me it's a good old Gin&Tonic) and she has 2 twin girls who are nearly four, OMG I can't imagine Looby and abigail having been born at once, no wonder she needs that Mai Tai! I can't wait to get to know more about her, we've emailed already and she really is a lovely lady so why not pay her a vist and say hi!

Have a great lazy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Damn I'm so sorry to hear that your relationship with your parents is so strained :(

As I said in an earlier comment I have the same problem with my in laws but that's not really the same I guess. Although it still hurts to have someone that is supposed to be family thinking you are evil incarnate.

It's hard isn't it, when you get to be this age where you are on your own, starting your own family etc. This is when we need the support of our families the most... not their ridicule.

My husband's family also does the tell you off by email thing. I find it so bizarre and impersonal.

Samantha said...

Thanks for sending people my way :) I'm insanely happy to get you as my Christmas Swap partner! *hugs* I'm sorry about your mom being that way to you, you sound like such a great person!

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