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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Guy Fawkes Night

Yes it's Guy Fawkes here in England and we've just come back from a community fireworks display, the children all loved it of course and I got a chance to play with my trusty Camera. Not sure if they're any good as I'm not really a night-time photographer so it was all just chance! This was my favourite one so i thought I would share. Also the other photograph is Abigail watching the fireworks, I love this, for a photograph taken at night with the flash I really don't think it's too bad.


Samantha said...

Love the pictures :)

Fiona said...

that firework photo is stunning! So much better than my handheld efforts.... Well done you :D

jafabrit said...

Your firework pic is awesome. Oh I miss guy fawkes night :(

Bagpuss said...

HMMM on this basis better not post mine taken with my little F10!!!

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