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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fancy a little time travel?

Ok so it's only day 2 of taking the children to school on the bus and already i'm thinking that Dr Who's time travelling tardis would come in very handy and I don't know whether it's just me or has it suddenly changed to winter just because I have to go out of the house every morning?

There's just something about a bus journey with 3 children which is particularly horrid and when they're my 3 children it's even worse! LOL

If I could borrow the Tardis I would be particularly greatful, so dear reader should you know where the Doctor is or atleast where he left the tardis could you let me know?! Oh and also be sure to ask him where he's stolen 2 hours of my day from, because I'm sure they were there last week.



Anonymous said...

I know the whereabouts of the tardis!!!!!! and some daleks for good measure! Might take you a while to get here to pick it up and I think the kids in Alford might miss it!

Fiona said...

If you find the tardis can I borrow it for my school run too??

Samantha said...

If you find it, can I go with you? I've always wanted to time travel! ;o)

jafabrit said...

woo hoo, tardis, me wanna come, ah come on let me come I would make a great assistant. honest. I can pout and scream like the best of them.

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