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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

OOh err, he's gorgeous!

He's my little nephew and he came to visit yesterday, he's such a cutie and nearly 2 now, I can't beleive how big he is, I hadn't seen him since he was 4 months old so it was a lovely surprise when my Sister in law paid a surprise visit. they live in the Midlands and we don't often get a chance to catch up. I did try and take a kazillion photos but for the most part he really wasn't willing to play, he was far too interested in grabbing the cats, jumping around and generally being a little cutie.
He's coming back this afternoon so it's going to be cameras at the ready again!
Imagine my Sister in Laws surprise when I told her I was starting my own photography business, I've ran off a Christmas package for her and atleast thats one less relatives christmas present to worry about!

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Anonymous said...

You take some gorgeous pictures really do have a talent...and what you do with them I can only aspire to be as good as the talent in your right finger nail...Keep your chin up
Mandijane x

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