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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reveiw me!

I've looked at various ways I can earn a few extra pennies from my blog and in the past tried Google ads, which threw up a whol 88cents and I've toyed with pay per post but never really found anything which was relevant to my blog, so with that in mind I've been lucky enough to stumble accross Reveiw Me a new site which promises to pay you for reveiwing things which are relevant to your blog. this seems a much better idea than Pay Per Post. They pay you once a month on the first of the month and all monies will pop themselves tidly into my paypal account.

I don't know if I stand to make any money at all from this venture but hey it's got be worth a try and it's also stands a chance of netting me slightly more than 88 cents, why for this post alone I have been valued at making a $20 payment which at the current rate of exchange is around a tenner, now really how bad can that be for 1 blog post! they want you to use atleast 200 words but once again I figure with my rambling this can't really be so hard.

The other thing they insist on is full disclosure, so you the blog reader know that I the blogger and gaining money from writing these reveiws, well dear reader I don't think you're going to mind that I'm trying to scrape some monies together in the interests of my family and I'm sure that the occasional reveiws of sites and products which are relevant to my blog anyways are not going to stick out like a sore thumb.

I'll keep you all up to date about how it's going and if i ever make my fortune and sail off to the bahamas i'll be sure to let you know also!!

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