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Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Template!

I thought I'd let Looby jump for Joy about that one! You see I haven't been happy since I changed my template and i did try that google ad-words for a while but to be quite frank i didn't even make a full dollar in a month so I decided to dispense with all the fuss and pick a new template, I've quite had my eye on this one for months and months but really wasn't quite sure if it fitted my personality but now I'm thinking yes it's me, one of my favourite colours is brown and if I did have a doggy it would probably be a Bassett hound or maybe a datschhund (sp?) Nothing much of any note going on here today, i'm having a hard time with my family at the moment, mother has insisted that everyone disown me, my therapist is right up there behind me so I know that i'm not wrong, hard to fight back against an abusor when it's your mother but hey ho i'll get there in the end.

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