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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Art From The Heart

We had such a lovely day yesterday. Looby was in a bright and cheery mood so we spent the morning baking and then in the afternoon I helped Looby as she stamped some Christmas cards with my new Making memories Christmas Foam stamps, I missed out on these last year so I'm chuffed to have gotten my hand on them this year. Anyway Looby put on one of her brothers old vests and had a fabulous painty time! I have to comment that these photos were taken early on in the painty session and that vest was NOT white like that by the time she had finished. I also had the most superbly creative day, I created 2 layouts and a project for the Happy Scrapper design team (can't wait till I can share those) and also a Christmas Accordian tag book which I'll reveal on Saturday, I'm teaching a Christmas project every week for the next four Saturdays on the Craft Kingdom and of course the great thing is when the four weeks are over you have 4 potential complete Christmas gifts.

Today I think we have a quieter day planned, but i can once again see myself being thrown into creative overdrive as yesterday I took delivery of quite the biggest lot of stash I've ever had and it felt all the better as I know I worked hard to get it.

Happy Tuesday!!


Samantha said...

I love doing crafts with my girls, it's truly amazing sometimes what they can come up with! Looby is so precious :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are really good... she looks cute!!!

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