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Friday, November 17, 2006

The longest week!

It really does seem to have been the longest week imaginable and with all the stress thats going on hubby and I kicked our heels off and had a couple of glasses of wine last night, sadly though a combination of wine+stress lead to my worst migraine for ages and no shortage of painkillers and injections would shift the blinkin thing!! I finally managed to get up after 11am and i'm only grateful that Paul doesn't start work till Monday or I would have been in an even sorrier state!

Ah monday, i think a new dawn beckons for the Charlton family, our luck surely has to change soon. Talking of such things, we're still experiencing fierce issues with my mother and father and of course the rest of the family since they disowned us!! More letters, phone-calls and all kinds of palava which resulted in mother telling Iain that she didn't know whether she would get the children presents this year as she wouldn't have a clue what to get, well dear reader I'm pretty sure that you can imagine my ten year olds reaction to this, for all he has aspergers he also has a very wise head on his shoulders, he quickly managed to compile 3 lists and rang her yesterday to let her know what all three of them wanted and in addition he also said that he didn't know why she wouldn't just come and visit as no one would stop her. I'm so glad that I must be doing something right.

the weekend beckons with nothing on the cards really, the kids will go to Pauls dads tommorrow night and we'll relax and I'll probably scrap whilst paul tries to find a channel showing stargate and then the main event, the first 2 episodes of Lost series 3 on Sunday night, yes i'm addicted and No, I can't wait!

One more great note, finally got some christmas presents sorted out today, i now have scrapbooks for both girls, stickers, papers and all manner of things which will make them squeal with delight, I so love that my girls love to scrapbook, i think it's the greatest legacy i can pass on. when i was young until i left home I wasn't allowed to be creative and I only discovered how creative i was in my 20's really. I promise now to never stop my children from following their dreams and being whoever they want to be.


JaneH said...

Hi Mandy...hope things start looking up for you all very soon. I like reading your blog as your journaling is so honest and from the heart. Keep it up!.....JaneH

Samantha said...

It's so great that your girls share your passion for scrapping! I'm so excited, I cannot wait to see what you send me! I've been working on finding things for's not been easy LOL

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