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Sunday, August 13, 2006

You're Beautiful, it's true.

Pinching the words here from good ol James Blunt.

I adore this photo of Looby, I took it during the floor as she was lying on the rug, it's been turn black and white but the had the levels altered to pop it a little more.

I'm really happy with this layout, I love the papers which are 3 bugsinarug and basically this was one of those layouts which took a little time, ( about 2 and a half hours) but it's pleasing to look at and it's certainly enough to brighten up dull and rainy Newcastle this afternoon. Posted by Picasa


Nickibee said...

Wow I am loving your scrapping style! Why haven't I noticed any of yours before?

Anonymous said...

It's a great Layout. I love it. You better have all your albums to hand when I come over.


jafabrit said...

your layout is wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing it.

Anonymous said...

What a great layout. :)

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