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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A few more!

I thought I would share a few more photos from yesterday. Love this top one, it's a rope bridge which connects to of the platforms to the worlds largest tree-house at Alnwick Gardens, My hubby is a total wuss when it comes to heights so he stayed safely tucked by the bridge and waited till we got back round to meet him, he didn't like the fact that it rattles and shakes, the children on the other hand loved running iver it and jumping up and down so that it would shake as much as possible, just as well I'm not scared of heights then!

Then we have the best chocolate caramel shortcake ever, I only had a wee piece as this was cut into five (soooo expensive) but oh my, totally delectable and delish, no wonder I need to lose weight again!

The bottom photo was some gorgeous Rudbekias taken with the super macro on my camera, usually there are an abunance of photographs of flowers but due to the tempramental british weather we have been experiencing i have to say that there weren't so many in bloom yesterday.

Today we're back into the swing of normal life, Paul is at Footy, Abigail is out playing with her friend, Iain is upstairs with his friend and Looby is watching the upside down show!

This week Paul is off on his course in Block paving and I am going to miss him so much, I'm not used to having to spend a whole week hardly seeing him and it's going to be a shocker, no doubt by the end of the week I shall be screaming into the nearest cupboard!

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