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Monday, August 07, 2006

Bare Footed.

I've wanted to scrap this photo ever since I took it but just lately though I have been scrapping loads, I've rarely uploaded anything, today though from no where I became inspired and found myself knowing immediately what I wanted to do with it, it's simple and for once I love it.

I've been trying to find my style again, trying to scrap for me and me alone, not worrying what people think and instantly hating things when they are finished. This I am totally happy with and i think it shows, My hubby loved it to and said this is what I need to be doing the whole time and you know I think he's right, I need to scrap for me and not be afraid to show it to the world!

In Other news, My husband told me I was right today, this happens only on very rare occasions so I thought I better blog it here for posterity!! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

It's such a beautiful LO Mandy - gorgeous photo, which is always a fab starting point for the creative inspiration :D

Anonymous said...

Of course you were right!

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